Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1051 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-02-10 4:32:02

You guys really want to make me feel old. Hmm...

I still think that this particular truck could have been a really good base for Pairoa's 6x6 wohnmobile, though probably not in Chile because Iveco has not a big support here, at least not as good as Mercedes, and spare parts are more expensive and quite hard to find.

Anyway, if they are showing the same pictures from 9 years ago, it is probably a hoax and the truck has been devoured by rust already. What a shame.

Thanks for the reminder.


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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1052 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-02-16 22:12:22


Here I am, again. After a few days I am still on the quest for repairing the big gearbox.

The available time for working on the subject has been, as always, pretty limited.

Things have been slowed down also because I was a little afraid about the availability of the spare parts that would eventually be necessary to replace when opening the gearbox.

Doubts began to dissipate when I found the gasket kit for the gearbox and the seller sent it to the shop without worries. Turned out that the parts of the ZF gearboxes were widely interchangeable, and the gears carried by the Merkabah were also used in a lot of other trucks and thus there still were some pieces around.
During the waiting time I fixed minor problems like the air supply to the front wheels that blew up when parked the truck for the last time. Seemed that I had forgotten to tighten the fitting up for good when assembled. Ops.
At some moment I decided to go on and removed the rear cover of the bulky 5S110GPA.

It came out pretty easy, though it was not nice to see that there was still a lot of crappy and gelly ancient oil in the bottom of the compartment. Not nice neither to take that thing off from the oil circuits.
Anyway, disassembling the entire thing was probably the best thing to do to clean it up completely, otherwise there would still remain dirt and bad vibes inside the box.

I removed the thrust washer of the rear drive shaft, but I was not able to take out the speedometer drive from the shaft as it was fiercely stuck. The snap ring that kept in place the big ball bearing went out easily but there was a stop and the bearing moved just one millimeter.
Tried to remove the cover but it was also pretty stuck, and I was not sure if I would damage something inside the box hitting the cover out harder. I felt very uncomfortable, and the parts catalogs and sketches did not help a lot as they do not explain how things are put together/apart.

Sprayed a couple of cubic meters of Rost-off and left.

A few days passed, and life went on. When I approached the gearbox again, I profited to inspect it a little more, still uncertain of taking a more aggressive approach about the intermediate cover.

Removed the shifting forks, and it was particularly difficult to take the 3rd and 4th fork out from the sleeve. The followers, sliding blocks or whatever their name is, were in pretty bad conditions, chewed by the sleeve itself. Ops.
The sliding sleeve moved freely over the synchronizer hub instead of being locked in place by the end pieces that were supposed to be pushed out by a set of six springs from the hub. Well, there were no end pieces nor springs around, they were all gone. I found a piece of polished metal that circled freely in between the hub and the blocking ring. I could not take it out so I assumed that it was the missing piece of the broken cone that I could not find anywhere.

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1053 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-02-16 22:21:16

When inspecting the synchronizer sliding sleeves, they were all worn out, at least a little. Should change them all as I had to take the whole ensamble apart. Hmm…
The gears were not in their best days, but they would have to endure. That was the limit. Use and an excellent gear oil would have to do the trick.

One good day, I asked Don Pato’s opinion about the point at which I was stuck in, and he grabbed the big mace and a piece of wood and started to hit the flanges of the cover, at first pretty cautious and then with a little more determination until the piece of wood became a handful of splinters.

There was a gap, though. Then I thought that if someone had to break down the box it would surely better be me.

I got another piece of wood and the mace and hit the cover until it was completely out. It was the plugs that were stuck on each side of the cover.
Nico, the younger mechanician, helped us with the manoever as the cover came out with the planetary carrier, the shaft and the big bearings and gears in one piece and, believe me, it was pretty heavy.
Finally, I had access to the bottom of the main shaft and I could make something to free it and take it out of the box for servicing. But I felt quite disappointed when I realized that it was probably not the first time that somebody was wandering at those places. The knot of the security bolts of the thrust washer was far from being factory made, and there had been previous damage to the box. That was sad: my lady was not virgin.
Well… the lady was 42 years old and had plenty of kilometers. Hard to believe her virtue was intact. But still…

The size of the gear cluster was impressive, at least for me. Transatlantic ships for sure may have bigger gears, but this was huge enough.
Unfortunately, the sliding sleeve of the synchronizer mechanism was also worn out, and it had to be replaced. Christ.
So, there was a lot of pieces that needed replacement, and I had to make sure I had all the spares at hand before going on with the disassembly. I covered the gearbox and the exposed components and started the search for the right codes and numbers to have an idea of what to expect.

It was not easy task, of course. ZF gearboxes have a lot of aftermarket spares, some more easily available and at a better price without sacrificing quality, but each supplier has its own codification. Catalogs are not readily available, though, and you have to dive a little in the internet before finding the compatibility lists.

There is a quite helpful webpage for those who do not have access to the electronic parts catalog of their trucks, and so far has been very accurate. It is, and it is easier to use than the or You just need your VIN number, for any brand of truck.

I realized that there still is a big market of the Mercedes NG generation in Russia, Romania, Latvia and around. Maybe I should go there some time.

The good news was that, after a non neligible effort, I was able to find the majority of the spare parts in the local market. I just had to check directly if the availability was real, for the stocks change and the catalogs and the web pages do not tell you.
Then, I had hope… again.



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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1054 Beitrag von lura » 2020-02-16 22:41:34

I'm sure, as hard as You work for the Merkabah You will reach the target to travel with it. Believe in it.

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1055 Beitrag von Maximilian714d » 2020-02-17 16:21:02

Hello Pairoa,

Have you already found your spare parts?

Actually it's not that hard to find out the part number for Mercedes vehicles, motors and gearboxes...

If you know the name and full type number (Baumuster) of your gear box you can look for it on where you find the matching exploded wiew with all the part numbers.
Somethimes you find different numbers for the same part: a MB dealer explained me once that it is beacause the same part was produced during the years by different suppliers, so they have different part numbers (but are matching with each other).

I don't konw for ZF, but on my G3/60 gearbox there are the part number on every gearwheel and part... It makes it even easier.

When I was repairing my gearbox I had the problem that some parts were not available anymore at Mercedes: you can get these used or aftermarket, as you told...
I needed a synchronizer unit, I got it from quality looks pretty good, they produce in Italy and sell all over the world.

i hope these information can help you...


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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1056 Beitrag von Walöter » 2020-02-17 20:10:25

Hi Pairoa,

Doyou have this catalouge with part numbers yet?
1269.026.629.JPG (21.29 KiB) 1155 mal betrachtet
Auffi, huift ja nix!

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1057 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-02-18 15:30:26


I do believe! If not, I wouldn't be here!


Indeed, finding the MB number is not difficult, but the matching code of other makes is sometimes hard to get. Euroricambi is a good alternative, and that's what I am using so far.


No, I could not find that catalogue, at least not in open sources.

At present, I was able to find almost all of the parts I need for servicing the gearbox. I found a guy, an old guy who works at a parts store, who knows a lot about ZF old stuff, and he is helping me with the quest. Not very difficult.



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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1058 Beitrag von WolfS » 2020-02-24 13:04:49

Hi Pairoa!

What an epic story until this point! How about making a book out of it?! If would, 10/10, buy it!

Could you please also do the "turning circle" experiment with and without lifted rear axle?!

That would be great!

Kind regards,

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1059 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-02-24 17:28:15

Ah, Wolf... you can't imagine how bad I want to make circle tests, drifting and making eights with the Merkabah. That would be great indeed.

In any case, even if the third axle never leaves the ground and there is always contact between the terrain and the wheels, the drag is dramatically reduced when turning. Perhaps the turning radius does not change significantly, but the life of the tire can be extended if well and constantly applying the right pressure to the rear suspension.

A book. Thanks but, who else would buy it?



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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1060 Beitrag von alearg » 2020-02-25 19:13:01

I think you are going to get a hundred "me too" now...

Of course we look forward to a book when your epic journey will be finished. Actually, it might make a very interesting film too (And the fact that "nothing much" would seem to be going on is exactly the point!)


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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1061 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-03-04 18:47:00


Alexis: thank you. I will think about the book. A film?

I have been reading a lot of threads on these pages and on other sites lately, especially those in seek for advice for buying or furbishing trucks for overlanding, and the more I read the more fortunate I feel for being driven by visions and destiny when it comes to decisions on what to and what not to do on this respect.

Some discussions raised by simple questions get easily hot and heavy, quite toxic sometimes, and overrun the original purpose of the question itself, and that scares me.

Life in general, and this kind of activities in particular, should give you entertainment, knowledge and skills through problem-solving activities, commitment, joy and satisfaction. Well… at least in my poor and humble opinion.

Anyway, I have been a little stuck with the gearbox issue, and I was afraid it was going to be like this.

From one side there is always the fact that I have to work to pay for the toys, like everybody else, and from the other the need to gather the parts to replace, and this gearbox is not pretty common, especially in this part of the world.

Surely, for some of you disassembling the gearbox may be a kid’s game, but for the subscriber it is not, of course. The challenge has been, so far, pretty interesting, though.

The poplars of the countryside avenue I use to run the weekends already show the yellow colour of the autumn, pressed by the severe dryness that affects the country since a couple of years.

The land is so dry that even the most resilient plants are dying, and the contrast between the deserted slopes of the mountains and the technified irrigation of the valley is quite dramatic.

There are no rabbits nor mice, and the eagles and other rapaces are coming to town to chase pigeons. This happened the last time back in the sixties. We are in trouble, as said long before.
But, but, but, but… the work on the project goes on, no matter what.

Once finished the quest for the spares I was sure I was going to need for repairing and servicing the gearbox, I went to Santiago to pick them directly from the sellers to confirm in situ if they were the right ones.

The Beast and her spacious luggage cases were ready to cope with the big bulk of the parts, but they were not so many nor so big in the end, but there was a lot of them anyway.
Unfortunately, not all the required spares were available in the local market and I had to ask for them abroad. Fortunatelly, though, friends are more precious than money.

There was this little tube for the oil distribution coming from the center of the thrust washer on the back of the main shaft, for which there was no spare available except in Latvia, according to the internet. It did not allow to place any socket or wrench to loose the bolts for taking out the solar gear. Took me some days to decide to send it to hell and simply cut it with the powergrinder in order to go on with the disassembling.
I got a new gear puller, not the best nor the biggest in the market but at least a new one, and tried it on the solar gear of the rear of the main shaft. After struggling a little, the gear came out millimeter after millimeter. It was a big thing, and nothing broke. Good.
Got the secure ring and both the half locking rings out, only to realize that the whole main shaft, and thus all the gears and synchronizers, were fiercely stuck to the main roller bearing of the box. Christ, a momentary dead end.

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1062 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-03-04 18:55:24

Heidi had a flat and I went to Santiago to repair it as there is no qualified bike tire service in San Felipe, at least that I trust on, and the guy found three nails and three thorn punctures in the rear tire. Six, in one week. Wasn’t it too much?
I repeated the pulling maneuver with the speedometer drive gear on the rear drive shaft, with no results.

Then, I applied the old receipt: heat.

Got the blowtorch, the propane-butane mix one, and heated up the gear, not too much, though.
Alejandro helped me and finally, after a couple of burnings and efforts, we removed the bloody gear from the shaft.

I was quite happy, until I found out that the next bearing was also fiercely stuck to the shaft, and there was no way to make lever remove it without damaging it.

Started to make plans and intrincate arrangements to apply extreme heat and cold to unstuck it, but the whole gear cluster was so heavy and difficult to handle that it became clear that any conservative solution was impractical.

I was a little frustrated, as you may understand. I just wanted to change the broken synchronizer ring and ended up tearing apart the whole damn gearbox. Had many of the pieces that needed to be replaced but was not able to disassemble the shafts. This is pretty common regarding servicing and repairing any gearbox, of course, but still.
Eduardo, watching my puzzled face, asked if there was the same bearing around and found one dealer that actually had it, one of good brand and other Chinese not-so-good-brand for half the price.

Which one you think I decided for?

Masked the whole gear cluster in leather, got the power grinder and threw sparks all over, again.

Then, there went 115 euros to the trash can. Hmm…
After carving a deeper groove in the inner ring for better grip and a little heating, the puller removed what was left of the bearing, and the synchronizer mechanism was exposed, finally.

I needed to replace the rusted sliding collar, but I still had to wait for the inner springs and followers to arrive from somewhere in the world.

Covered all with paper to keep the pieces as free from environmental dust as possible and left. It was late, as always.



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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1063 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-03-29 5:33:19

Hello all:

I hope everyone is okay. This madness around the damn coronavirus has turned our little world upside down, for the good and for the bad, a plain lesson to remind us, almighty humans, that we cannot take anything for granted and that we are, and always be, weaker than we think.

Anyway, among all the new and changing circumstances, I have been trying to keep the comfortable routine of working on the Merkabah as much as possible during the last weeks.

Of course, the delivery of parts, especially those from abroad, have suffered a delay of still uncertain reach, keeping progresses at a minimum pace.

I was pretty naïve regarding the amount of work and effort required to fix the gearbox, as seems to be my very deep nature, and everytime I looked at the piece of steel I realized that I had to disassemble more and more.

Probably more than one reader, those who know, could not help themselves from smiling at my initial attitude. Life is hard, though I keep going.

Last time I wrote here, I had disassembled the gear cluster. It was hot and dry in San Felipe, as always, but that Sunday morning things changed abruptly and there was a drop in the temperature and a fresh mist was waiting for me and the dogs at the countryside. Also, in a matter of just a week, there was a lot of leaves lying under the poplars.

Autumn was here.
I went to the workshop the next week and something weird happened when I walked through the lot of cars that usually are parked at the entrance. I heard something like a whisper, and something drove my attention to a white pickup truck that I had not even noted before.
It looked pretty good though it was not the model nor the year I liked the most, so it was pretty odd this sudden interest.

To make a story short, it was there since a couple of days and it was for sale, at a very interesting price because it had a serious problem with the DPF filter. The owner treated it like a lady and it looked, smelled and felt like new, though replacing the crazy expensive DPF was far out of his will.

When moving to the countryside, very near in the future, we surely would need a pickup truck and getting one was on the plans for a while. Eduardo had already received an offer for the truck but a brother is a brother, so he gave me the first chance, with a big discount of course.

I bought the pickup. Couldn’t do otherwise as she had spoken to me: take me home, Pairoaaa….

We made a regeneration test and performed some elegant mechanical and software tricks and the engine behave. It would probably not last long, but a bargain is a bargain, as a friend pointed out not so long ago. Anyway, we had a pickup, and Carmen baptized her as Blanca (White). Pretty original.

Well, one of those days the famous bearing to replace the one previously destroyed arrived from Santiago and so I went on with the disassembly of the gear cluster.
Lots of pieces to clean, so I unearthed the old “tray” cut from Spare’s fuel tank and washed them thoroughly. They truly needed it.
Some pieces showed a little wear, and surely needed replacement, but I preferred an acceptable working gearbox, far under the limits of normal operational stress, than an eternaly grounded truck waiting for exotic spares.
The real deal was to replace the synchronizer sliding collar and you can see clearly why, when comparing the old and the new.
I was waiting for the inner detents, which name changes with every translator, but the old ones, including the springs, looked and felt like new. With a little help from the guy next door, and Eduardo in the second attempt, I was able to finally set the sliding collar and the detents in position. It was a pain in the buttocks, though, and at least four hands were needed, and when you thought it was okay, the detents flew in the air. Hmm…

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1064 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-03-29 5:52:07

I was about to put the speedometer drive gear back in when I had a doubt about the thrust washers: which was first, which the last? Christ, always the need for photographic tracks of what you have been doing. Of course I had many pictures of the disassembling, but I hate to have to clean my hands and look for them in the computer when I am in the middle of the process, dripping oil and grease.
After a while, the heavy gear cluster was reassembled and it all looked okay. I wrapped it in paper and left it aside. I still had to deal with the main shaft and the gears.
But a few days passed and I had not much time to work on the gearbox nor was I truly on the mood for doing so. Anyway, I did little though inevitable jobs like removing the old rock-hard gaskets stuck to the covers of the gearbox. I had to use a sharp chisel to take the things out, which made me think if they were actualy the original ones.
The next weekend we ventured ourselves, Carmen and I, driving Blanca in a trip to visit my father in Melipilla, when it was still safe to do so. It was well known that the DPF filter was ill and had been given some pills, but I needed to know if the pickup was reliable as she was.

She was not. We had to pull over a couple of times, allow for the exhaust to cool down and get to a gas station for a 10 mm wrench to disconnect the battery and reset the CPU to get to Melipilla. We did it, and back too, but Blanca needed a new DPF. Hmm…
One of the reasons for the lack of enthousiasm regarding the gearbox was the need for disassembling the transmission case from the planetary housing to take the transmission shaft and the gears out. There was not other way to get to the gears and pieces to replace the worn out and broken ones.

And the thing was even more complicated because the intermediate gear was placed in the way of the bolts that held the case and the housing together. Thus, the gear had to be removed prior to disassembling and, to do so, one big and ugly pin had to be removed as well, which seemed not pretty easy at all just by looking it.
I tried the Neanderthal method with some strikes with the mace and a bronze shaft but it did not move a tenth of a micrometer, obviously. It was a much more complex issue and needed an ad hoc extractor.

Another issue was revealed on the move: the need to stabilize the gearbox. It was not adequate to rely on the base of the planetary housing alone to keep the steel upright, as the transmission case had to be removed.

So, I grabbed some steel profiles and made a construct that fixed the housing to the trolley. It went pretty well and firm enough. Good.
Looking at the gearbox, though, I started wondering how much did the transmission case weighted itself, and began to think and worry on the maneuver for removing it using the portable winch, where to put it, how to remove the shaft and so on, when I actually had not even removed the famous pin to take out the intermediate gear. How easy to let your brain and guts take you over.
At some moment, Eduardo went to Santiago and picked up a lot of spares that the dealers had a rough time to send by bus or courier because of the growing restrictions to transportation there. Among them came the brand new DPF for the pickup truck. It was huge and, made with gold, platinum and many other precious materials, it was not strange that they charged so much for it. Of course, my brother-in-law got a huuuuuge discount. Blanca remained a very good bargain.
March is a very rough month here. You have to pay most of your taxes, the schools, the transit permits, etc. I tried to get the new permit for the Africa Twin and realized that the TÜV had expired four months ago. Ops.

Went to the TÜV plant and found this old 4x4 Mercedes, assembled almost twenty years ago by Eduardo from imported used parts. This and other four trucks still help to the harvest of avocados, carrying bins of fruit up and down the slopes where they are grown, with no problems at all. Made simple, made tough. Not made any more.
Of course, the Africa passed the technical tests almost by flying.

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1065 Beitrag von Pirx » 2020-03-29 15:15:15

pairospam hat geschrieben:
2020-03-29 5:52:07
Went to the TÜV plant and found this old 4x4 Mercedes, assembled almost twenty years ago by Eduardo from imported used parts. This and other four trucks still help to the harvest of avocados, carrying bins of fruit up and down the slopes where they are grown, with no problems at all. Made simple, made tough. Not made any more.


thank you for these wonderful words! :wub: :) :blume: :positiv:

Der mit der Zweigangachse: 15 Vorwärtsgänge, 3 Rückwärtsgänge, Split, Schnellgang, Differentialsperre
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Ein Unimog-Fahrer.

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1066 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-03-30 2:48:00

Dear Klaus: they are very well earned words. Take care.

When I could I resumed the work on the truck, and I thought about the extractor for the bloody pin of the intermediate gear. Decided then to make a device to allow the use of the new pulling extractor and, to do that, I took the rods from some used shock absorbers, the center ring of the recently passed out bearing and a couple of pieces of thick steel plates.

Some cutting and drilling after, voilà! The new extractor stabilizer showed up, rated to who-the-hell-knows-how-much pounds of traction. Looked good, and tough too.
Oh. Let me introduce the last arrived to Pairoa’s foster home for dogs in need: Marrón (Braun). She had been abandoned and survived for a couple of weeks at the side of the road, living from trash. She was almost deaf and almost blind, and Carmen and I could not resist anymore and rescued her and took her to a non permanent home where she received veterinary care, love and true food for some weeks. She got better from the visual and auditive problems but did not recover completely. Once she was healthy, with all her vaccines and stuff, we took her home where she got a cold reception from the crew, at first. She is old, probably eight years old, and has a very nice temper. Carmen is pretty happy with her… and with me.
You see… this thing is pretty contagious too, though it has no cure… like the virus of the old steel.

Anyway, it was clear to me that probably the pin was fiercely stuck after four decades of being at its place, and maybe it would not survive the extraction. Accepting this reality took me quite a while, though. Only when I finally did it, I relaxed and confronted the gearbox.

The pin had a plug with a 7 mm Allen bore that obviously wore out when tried to remove it. I shrugged and used the ad hoc bolt extractor, but it simply broke at the first attempt. I then got the powerdrill with a big bit, made a big hole and carefully welded a bolt to what was left of the plug. It worked, and the thing came out at the gentle turn of the wrench.

I worked a little more with the bolt, did a better welding of the plug at the tip, stretched the bolt a little, reinforced the extractor and made a serious try to extract the pin.

The pulling force was not very big, though the welding of the stretched bolt gave and broke with a big clank.
Had to reinforce the welding, and I was sure that anything else would brake except the bolt. I was right. I applied more torque, very slowly, helping out with some little strikes in the opposite side of the pin, and this time the thread of the pin gave and the bolt, the stabilizer, the extractor and Pairoa ended on the floor.
It was clear that the pin would offer a good fight, but I was not on the mood to continue with the struggle. I would make an impact extractor, a big one, to force the pin off the housing, but I decided I was done with that item until new order.

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1067 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-03-30 3:01:44

What to do next? Well… there was a ton of things to do, but I had been stumbling on the pivoting lower steps for a while so I thought that it was the next item.

If you remember, the steps were the first thing I took out from the truck when I brang it to San Felipe. They were probably the worst looking parts of the Merkabah and the first to be disassembled and flattened out. And now they were the last ones to be repaired and put back in. Life is not easy.

The step of the side of the driver was in poor condition, put apart in a box after a few hours of love and care, many years ago. It had been destroyed, welded and half repaired who knows how many times, and mine was just the last attempt to preserve it.

The job was far from perfect, but I judged it was okay at that time, and who am I to question what I thought?
Coupled the mesh to the powerdrill to have more control and less revs and worked hard to clean the metal from all the rust and dirt I could. It went good in the end, finishing the cleaning with some more fine instruments.
There were also the plates of the upper steps that needed some attention. I had two pairs of each side, and the best ones still had some of the original zinc coating, which we all know is not very prone to be painted on. I gave them a hand of 120 sand paper followed by the powerdrill metallic mesh labor, hoping it was enough scratching the surface to give substrate for the paint to grab on.
And then another Sunday morning dawn came and the dogs almost tore the windows down claiming for the run.

There were very few people around, as it should be. I completed the 14 km circuit and only crossed roughly half a dozen cars, which I liked pretty much because not everybody pays attention when passing by your side and especially by the side of the dogs.
Running under this circumstances was the perfect thing to do, probably the most healthy and solitary activity in the world.

By the way: I miss hugs. Do you?

Back at the shop, next Monday, I dedicated my attention and time to fabricate the pieces that were missing to complete the steps, like the prismatic shaped stoppers.
The need to restrict going out for shopping or for whatever reason was increasing as the pandemic spread all over, so I limited myself to go from home to work, to the shop and back home. I had to use whatever I had at hand.
I really like having power tools and, of course, using them.

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1068 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-03-30 3:06:58

Long ago, the lateral rods of the lower step of the side of the driver had been replaced by some tortured pieces of bolts, and the plastic bushings probably passed away long before that. The lack of bushings made the steps move pretty inconveniently, and they would surely be very noisy when the Merkabah moved.
Trying to fabricate the bushings from plastic was highly unlikely, so I got some rusted nuts and shaped them with the powergrinder and the lime until they fit and stood firmly in place, preventing the step from moving haphazard. Little though important detail.
When I thought the steps were ready for painting, I gave them another cleaning hand.

Then, I covered the Merkabah with the same plastic sheet I made the first blasting chamber with. There was no more place to paint as the shop was full of cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles, and the painting chamber was occupied as well.
The poor truck looked very well and ready to go, but lacked its guts. Oh, I really wanted to take the Merkabah out for another ride!
The rest is pretty known: a few hands of primer, wait for it to dry up to spray the other side. Let it all dry for at least one day, sand the edges and the imperfections and apply the black matt paint, on both sides. Boring stuff… and cleaning the paint gun, uff.