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Iveco 90-16 manual and more questions

Verfasst: 2019-08-07 17:50:42
von lampmaker

Sorry for writing in English; my German is poor. But I can read it well, so feel free to answer in German!

We have been planning, thinking, talking, reading and making lists, drawings, budgets, 3d models, etc for over a year about building an expedition truck. Family of 5 (3 boys: 10,12,15) and a dog. No world trips, just summer holidays and breaks, but we're getting tired of standard campings, and I don't want to drive around in a fridge. We like something with more character that we can build to our wishes. Initial idea was a Mercedes 1113, but a bit more comfort is wanted, and an Iveco 90-16 seems like a good choice.

But I like to be well prepared before we make a decision and buy the actual truck; It's going to be a big project and we want to make sure we have all the information to make a decision. I'm no idiot, but have never worked on or owned a truck, so I know I have zero experience on many fields. But again, no idiot.. :-)

So I hope some of you guys can help me with the following:

1 - Does anyone have digital manuals / workplace handbook of the Iveco 90-16
2 - Are there any owners in the Netherlands on this forum? Or any (oldtimer) truck owners in the southern part of Holland that can help me with stupid questions?
3 - Engine spare parts: how hard are they to get? What are the most difficult parts to get? What parts should you certainly bring on a trip?
4 - Body spare parts: same questions...
5 - We are thinking of using the Doka as a living room and making beds/kitchen/bathroom/storage in the back, with a high soft-sided pop-up roof. I like if the truck is low while driving. But perhaps you guys have other ideas why I should not do this..?

I have many more questions, but let's leave it for now..



Re: Iveco 90-16 manual and more questions

Verfasst: 2019-08-07 18:56:53
von Wilmaaa
Welcome :)

A lot of your questions have already been discussed, but I know it's hard to search for "90-16"only. However, there are quite a few people here who own such a truck and will certainly be able to help with some keywords for the search.

My experience with the 90-16 is limited, but for both Deutz engines we have (had), spare parts haven't been a problem at all. You just need to go to a Deutz motor specialist instead of Iveco.

Most parts are standard. Some Iveco dealers will get parts for you, others won't. So it's always good to be resourceful when it comes to doing some research.

If I remember correctly, we even have a spare parts list for the vehicle somewhere in the forum.

Re: Iveco 90-16 manual and more questions

Verfasst: 2019-08-08 11:14:11
von tomzwilling

Re: Iveco 90-16 manual and more questions

Verfasst: 2019-08-08 11:24:56
von lampmaker
Super! Danke!