Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1051 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-02-10 4:32:02

You guys really want to make me feel old. Hmm...

I still think that this particular truck could have been a really good base for Pairoa's 6x6 wohnmobile, though probably not in Chile because Iveco has not a big support here, at least not as good as Mercedes, and spare parts are more expensive and quite hard to find.

Anyway, if they are showing the same pictures from 9 years ago, it is probably a hoax and the truck has been devoured by rust already. What a shame.

Thanks for the reminder.


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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1052 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-02-16 22:12:22


Here I am, again. After a few days I am still on the quest for repairing the big gearbox.

The available time for working on the subject has been, as always, pretty limited.

Things have been slowed down also because I was a little afraid about the availability of the spare parts that would eventually be necessary to replace when opening the gearbox.

Doubts began to dissipate when I found the gasket kit for the gearbox and the seller sent it to the shop without worries. Turned out that the parts of the ZF gearboxes were widely interchangeable, and the gears carried by the Merkabah were also used in a lot of other trucks and thus there still were some pieces around.
During the waiting time I fixed minor problems like the air supply to the front wheels that blew up when parked the truck for the last time. Seemed that I had forgotten to tighten the fitting up for good when assembled. Ops.
At some moment I decided to go on and removed the rear cover of the bulky 5S110GPA.

It came out pretty easy, though it was not nice to see that there was still a lot of crappy and gelly ancient oil in the bottom of the compartment. Not nice neither to take that thing off from the oil circuits.
Anyway, disassembling the entire thing was probably the best thing to do to clean it up completely, otherwise there would still remain dirt and bad vibes inside the box.

I removed the thrust washer of the rear drive shaft, but I was not able to take out the speedometer drive from the shaft as it was fiercely stuck. The snap ring that kept in place the big ball bearing went out easily but there was a stop and the bearing moved just one millimeter.
Tried to remove the cover but it was also pretty stuck, and I was not sure if I would damage something inside the box hitting the cover out harder. I felt very uncomfortable, and the parts catalogs and sketches did not help a lot as they do not explain how things are put together/apart.

Sprayed a couple of cubic meters of Rost-off and left.

A few days passed, and life went on. When I approached the gearbox again, I profited to inspect it a little more, still uncertain of taking a more aggressive approach about the intermediate cover.

Removed the shifting forks, and it was particularly difficult to take the 3rd and 4th fork out from the sleeve. The followers, sliding blocks or whatever their name is, were in pretty bad conditions, chewed by the sleeve itself. Ops.
The sliding sleeve moved freely over the synchronizer hub instead of being locked in place by the end pieces that were supposed to be pushed out by a set of six springs from the hub. Well, there were no end pieces nor springs around, they were all gone. I found a piece of polished metal that circled freely in between the hub and the blocking ring. I could not take it out so I assumed that it was the missing piece of the broken cone that I could not find anywhere.

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1053 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-02-16 22:21:16

When inspecting the synchronizer sliding sleeves, they were all worn out, at least a little. Should change them all as I had to take the whole ensamble apart. Hmm…
The gears were not in their best days, but they would have to endure. That was the limit. Use and an excellent gear oil would have to do the trick.

One good day, I asked Don Pato’s opinion about the point at which I was stuck in, and he grabbed the big mace and a piece of wood and started to hit the flanges of the cover, at first pretty cautious and then with a little more determination until the piece of wood became a handful of splinters.

There was a gap, though. Then I thought that if someone had to break down the box it would surely better be me.

I got another piece of wood and the mace and hit the cover until it was completely out. It was the plugs that were stuck on each side of the cover.
Nico, the younger mechanician, helped us with the manoever as the cover came out with the planetary carrier, the shaft and the big bearings and gears in one piece and, believe me, it was pretty heavy.
Finally, I had access to the bottom of the main shaft and I could make something to free it and take it out of the box for servicing. But I felt quite disappointed when I realized that it was probably not the first time that somebody was wandering at those places. The knot of the security bolts of the thrust washer was far from being factory made, and there had been previous damage to the box. That was sad: my lady was not virgin.
Well… the lady was 42 years old and had plenty of kilometers. Hard to believe her virtue was intact. But still…

The size of the gear cluster was impressive, at least for me. Transatlantic ships for sure may have bigger gears, but this was huge enough.
Unfortunately, the sliding sleeve of the synchronizer mechanism was also worn out, and it had to be replaced. Christ.
So, there was a lot of pieces that needed replacement, and I had to make sure I had all the spares at hand before going on with the disassembly. I covered the gearbox and the exposed components and started the search for the right codes and numbers to have an idea of what to expect.

It was not easy task, of course. ZF gearboxes have a lot of aftermarket spares, some more easily available and at a better price without sacrificing quality, but each supplier has its own codification. Catalogs are not readily available, though, and you have to dive a little in the internet before finding the compatibility lists.

There is a quite helpful webpage for those who do not have access to the electronic parts catalog of their trucks, and so far has been very accurate. It is, and it is easier to use than the or You just need your VIN number, for any brand of truck.

I realized that there still is a big market of the Mercedes NG generation in Russia, Romania, Latvia and around. Maybe I should go there some time.

The good news was that, after a non neligible effort, I was able to find the majority of the spare parts in the local market. I just had to check directly if the availability was real, for the stocks change and the catalogs and the web pages do not tell you.
Then, I had hope… again.



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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1054 Beitrag von lura » 2020-02-16 22:41:34

I'm sure, as hard as You work for the Merkabah You will reach the target to travel with it. Believe in it.

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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1055 Beitrag von Maximilian714d » 2020-02-17 16:21:02

Hello Pairoa,

Have you already found your spare parts?

Actually it's not that hard to find out the part number for Mercedes vehicles, motors and gearboxes...

If you know the name and full type number (Baumuster) of your gear box you can look for it on where you find the matching exploded wiew with all the part numbers.
Somethimes you find different numbers for the same part: a MB dealer explained me once that it is beacause the same part was produced during the years by different suppliers, so they have different part numbers (but are matching with each other).

I don't konw for ZF, but on my G3/60 gearbox there are the part number on every gearwheel and part... It makes it even easier.

When I was repairing my gearbox I had the problem that some parts were not available anymore at Mercedes: you can get these used or aftermarket, as you told...
I needed a synchronizer unit, I got it from quality looks pretty good, they produce in Italy and sell all over the world.

i hope these information can help you...


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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1056 Beitrag von Walöter » 2020-02-17 20:10:25

Hi Pairoa,

Doyou have this catalouge with part numbers yet?
1269.026.629.JPG (21.29 KiB) 186 mal betrachtet
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Re: Mercedes 2626 AK 6x6

#1057 Beitrag von pairospam » 2020-02-18 15:30:26


I do believe! If not, I wouldn't be here!


Indeed, finding the MB number is not difficult, but the matching code of other makes is sometimes hard to get. Euroricambi is a good alternative, and that's what I am using so far.


No, I could not find that catalogue, at least not in open sources.

At present, I was able to find almost all of the parts I need for servicing the gearbox. I found a guy, an old guy who works at a parts store, who knows a lot about ZF old stuff, and he is helping me with the quest. Not very difficult.