Folding platform & tire carrier with manual crane.

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Folding platform & tire carrier with manual crane.

#1 Beitrag von Magicvehicle » 2020-01-07 17:39:45

Hi, thank you all for sharing information, right now we are in the decisive phase. My bodybuilder will follow my instructions to get the job done.
Finally the box will be at 5.40 meters outside and 2.30 height. It is a junk yard, but it is in very good condition.
We plan to make a folding rear platform, and lift with a manual winch of 1875 kg maximum weight. My idea is that the platform is large enough for a closed four-cycle, and also carry two spare wheels with a crane to be able to place them above.
We will also install a rear winch, the rhino winch 24v of 6.750kg has been the one that we are going to install,
It's enough for us :V
I'm looking at other systems, I was inspired by the simple lifting platform courtesy of:
Just something bigger.
I leave a draft of what is my idea to have what you think?
If anyone knows any similar system, share it in the thread please! :positiv: :blume:

Greetings Toni
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